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WAP Developers
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aethersystems.com  Provides wireless data systems, concentrating on financial and transportation 
products and solutions.
anywhereyougo.com Wireless development community. baltimore.com Providing e-security for wireless devices. breezecom.com Develops, manufactures and markets high-performance, standards-based wireless local-area network (LAN) products and wireless point-to-point link devices. corsair Providing a distributed, open architecture system to serve as platform for delivering
products and services to the wireless telecommunications industry. ericsson.com/developerszone Developers for Ericisson-related WAP devices. everypath.com Develops software that coverts content from existing Web sites to various portable devices
without reprogramming.
fonedata.com Design and operate access gateways for WAP and SMS devices. forum.nokia.com Noika Developer Forum. gelon.net Collection of WAP resources and download programs.

Mobilecruz Innovative developer and design service for wireless Web.new mpresence.com Platform for mobile site building.
mwebzone.com Conception, development and marketing of mobile internet applications,
content and services.
m-commercesource.com The online business portal for the wireless Internet industry. netalive.com Application builder for wireless Internet. Design tool and run time system for interactive Web pages. onevoicetech.com Intelligent and interactive speech technology that allows people to talk with their computers in everyday language. paragonsoftware.com World leader in Synchronisation technology. phone.com Maker of software that gives wireless subscribers access to Internet-based and corporate intranet-based services. pixo.com Developer of software application for high-volume wireless phone. pyweb.com Developed a unique, easy and quick solution, to adapt Web contents on WAP mobiles. rcp.co.uk Supply and maintain development software for mobile computing platforms. riverbedtech.com Makers of Scout, a synchronization server for mobile devices that can be customized for enterprise data systems. Roamble.com A software platform, ASP or license, that easily makes existing data, content and applications
interoperable with email-enabled devices.
symbian.com Developing, licensing and supports of the EPOC operating system for wireless information devices. tantau.com Offers a platform that connects various wireless devices to e-commerce applications and data sources. xypoint.com Offering WebWirelessNow, a suite of services to enable access to email, stocks, auctions, and other web content on wireless devices yodlee.com Consolidate and manage personal accounts and interests in one place. Palm-accessible viafone.com Enabling online merchants to "mobilize" their e-commerce infrastructure across all leading wireless platforms including voice. waplinks.com Directory of resources for the user and the developer. waptop.net Developer of mobile communication support applications with specializationin technologies
of data transmission based on the SMS and WAP. webgears.com Manufacturer of wireless networking products Consulting communicreate.com Creativity & Communication The Creative Leap -- Links to other websites that explore the concepts of creativity and communication.
netplace.com A consulting company providing WAP consultancy services and alsopre-developed
wireless applications.
WAP URL: wap.netplace.com.
wapguide.com Offer high skilled specialist consultants within certain WAP related areas. Downloads forum.nokia.com Providing the toolkit to develop and test WAp sites phone.com Providing tools and services for WAP developers to create wireless applications for the Phone.com Platform. slobtrot.com Viewing WML pages with WinWap 2.3 without a WAP-enable device. yourwap.com Offering free Wireless Companion mini-browser More are coming soon... Join our community now so we will keep you updated ! We welcome your submission of a URL, too. Return to top Home | Search | What's New | Content Providers | Webmails | Web Plans | Misc | WAP | Developers | Hosting | Associations | Others