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Web Plans
Carriers -Plans - Phones

airtouch.com AirTouch Celluar (800) 247-8682.

attws.com AT&T Wireless (800) 462-4463.

bellatlantic.com Bell Atlantic (800) 621-9900.

bellsouthwd.com BellSouth Wireless Data (800) 726-3210.

goamerica.com Wireless internet provider.

gte.com GET Wireless (800) 483-5445.

nextel.com Nextel (800) 639-8359.

omnisky.com Offering wireless internet services for handheld devices.

sprint.com Spring PCS (800) 253-1315.

Wireless Rate and Calling Plans
cellmania.com Features calling plan and product and service rating program: check product ratings
or rate a product.

Free Cell phones, Cell Phone Plans, mobile accessories at CEOmobile.com Provide celluar service and free phones. Wide selection of free phones and mobile accessories.

decide.com Offers comparisons of national and local cellular calling plans, cell phones, accessories, long
distance services, and prepaid calling cards

deja.com Offer brief reviews on plans.

epinions.com Offer product reviews on wireless phone and plans.

getconnected.com Offers a selection of local phone, long distance, wireless, internet, and satellite

point.com Research, compare and buy wireless products, including cellular, digital and PCS phones,
service plans and accessories for the major U.S. markets.

simplexity.com Compare and purchase the right telecom services.

Telebright.com Offers comparisons between long distance, wireless, DSL, web hosting and other services.

wireless.cnet.com Offers various wireless service plans and products.

Web Phone - Personal Data Assistants - Pagers
3Com.com Palm VII

Ericsson.com Ericsson MC 218

Handspring.com Handspring Visor Deluxe

kyocera.com Offers one-piece Visual phone

Motorola.com Motorola TimePort P8167

mytimeport.com Offers a free tool that delivers power to your Internet-ready Timeport phone.

Neopoint.com Neopoint NP1000 Web phone

Nokia.com Nokia 6185 Web phone networks.

Qualcomm.com Qualcomm pdQ1900 Smartphone

rim.net RIM Inter@ctive Pager 950

Samsung.com Samsung SCH-3500 internet phone

More are coming soon...

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