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About Us
eMobiNet! was launched on March, 2000. It was founded by a group of Silicon 
Valley professionals and mobile wireless internet enthusiasts in California, US.A.
We believe that mobile Net will be the next tidal wave of technology revolution
for it will empower people all over the world to communicate, search/find
information and shop anytime and anywhere. It will profoundly change the way we work
and live in the 21st century. Our mission is to provide an increasingly mobile value-added e-service for
for mobile Net community. At this early stage of our development, we are offering a number of mobile Net-related service including links to various mobile sites, testing drive WAP sites and
hosting a moderated forum (eMobiNet! Community). These services enable our customers,
you, to access a vast amount of information pertaining to the fast-growing development
of emerging mobile internet.

If you know any Web site that offers mobile Net-related products and services,
please let us know. We will review and add them to our lists of links. Please join our community so you will get updates on our new links and services. You
will also receive announcement of other new products and service from community members. You will have opportunities to share your insights and get answers from other members. Thank you for your visit. Please come back again. Sincerely, eMobiNet! Management P.S. Please bookmark this site (simply hit Ctrl +D) so you can re-visit our site -easy and fast.
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