You have heard about recent Japan earthquake and tsunami, WILL YOU BE READY for the next disasters and emergencies?


2012 Survival Guide

2012 - The Survival Guide


Mankind, your family, and your world need you to survive to keep our civilization alive.

Setup specifically around the unusually intense disasters 2012 has in store, this covers drastic survival techniques that a standard guide discounts since it'll never happen".

  • 101 items you've got to have before 2012 or you may never get your hands on them. (Seems like common sense, but you're sure to forget at least 10!)
  • Urban survival on steroids - if you or your family are caught anywhere with over 1,000,000 enemies you're going to need this information to survive!
  • Household items you need to produce safe drinking water, over and over again! (And it's not by boiling)
  • Practically automatic ways to generate electricity at the flip of a switch! It's so brain-dead simple you may start using it now...
  • How to protect yourself and your family...from far more than weapons! This can be the difference between a long, happy life, and a slow, painful death.
  • Exactly where you WON'T want to be, and how to find the perfect place to ride out the coming storms (Not Colorado or Montana!)
  • Personal way to survive both extreme temperatures, unless you like the thought of freezing to death, or baking in your own skin!

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